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nSight Labs has a breadth of informatics expertise and industry experience supporting preclinical, clinical, laboratory, biological, chemical, imaging, and translational informatics.  We have over 30 specialists supporting everything from EHR integrations, to computational biological data analysis, to laboratory informatics, to advanced medical imaging analysis.  Let us know how we can help you uncover insights, break down barriers, increase access to healthcare, improve experience and health outcomes, and create new opportunities in healthcare and life sciences with your data. 

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nSight Labs provides the following comprehensive computational biology and bioinformatic services:

  • DNA/RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, Methyl-seq, Site-seq, 16S rRNA-seq, shotgun Metagenomics, WES, WGS
  • Quality Control
  • De Novo assemblies, Alignment, and Consensus
  • BLAST, Comparative Genomics, Gene-Family, Repeat, and Homology Analyses
  • BQSR, Variant Calling, Peak Calling
  • Novel TBFS Prediction
  • Network Analysis
  • Transcriptomics &  Interactomics Analysis
  • GWAS, PheWAS, Mixed-Model, Case-only Analysis, Genotype Imputation, SNP & Haplotype Imputation, cis/trans interactions
  • PGx & SAE Predictive Modeling
  • Wild Type Surveillance (Lentiviral & SARS-Cov-2)
  • Taxonomy Analysis & Functional Metagenomics Analysis
  • Phylogeny Analysis
  • Molecular Dynamic Simulations and Protein Trajectory Analysis
  • HTS, hit acceleration and optimization 
  • FHIR-Genomics Scientific Software Engineering
  • DNAnexus, BC Platforms, Life Bit, Seven Bridges, Paradigm SciDB, Verily Terra, NIH AnVIL, Galaxy, and Gen3 Data Common platform design and implementations
  • CWL, WDL, and NextFlow bioinformatic WF and pipeline development
  • Databricks, Snowflake, Cloudera, & Azure Synapse at-scale multi-omics analysis with Hail, Glow, R Bioconductor, and SAIGE.
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Clinical Genomics

nSight Lab consultants have helped the world’s largest healthcare organization and world’s number one clinic build out large-scale clinicogenomic program offerings to streamline the delivery of linked pheno-geno data sets for both clinical decision support and clinical trials research.  We have a wealth of experience in conducting clinical genomic maturity level assessments, enterprise data strategies, and subject matter expertise supporting the planning, designing, data modeling, data integration, data platforming, data harmonization, and range of at-scale analyses for biomarker testing, RWE & HEOR analytics, clinicogenomic analysis, GWAS & Mixed-Model studies, and discovery to post-market research.  


Biomedical Informatics

nSight Lab consultants have extensive experience harmonizing biomedical data, from a variety of sources, into final target common data models and semantic linked ontological graph models for supporting RWE and HEOR analytics, administrative and operational analytics, patient risk-based analysis, cost utilization analysis, and new opportunities gained by preparing insights from data analyzed at different angles. 

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