Data Sciences

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Data Sciences

Data Science for Healthcare and Life Sciences

nSight Labs has extensive applied data science expertise in healthcare and life sciences supporting the following use cases:

  • Optimizing Clinical Data Management & Accelerating Clinical Trials Data Preparation
  • Precision Study Participant Matching
  • In-Silico Rx & Vx target identification
  • Optokinetics Analysis & Disease Classification
  • Core Body Temperature & Ph-Level Monitoring and Disease Classification
  • Microservice, API, and MLOPs Pipeline-driven AI Solutions
  • Patient Risk-Based Monitoring Solutions
  • Synthesized Pheno-Geno & Clinical Genomics / Variant data sets for study simulations
  • COPD Risk Prediction
  • Protein Trajectory Predictions with Molecular Dynamic Simulations
  • GPU and FPGA Accelerated Genomic Data Analysis
  • Patient / Subject Stratification and Segmentation Clustering and Classification
  • Rapid Patient Decline Prediction