Cloud Services

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Cloud & Microservices

nSight Labs has a team of cloud & microservices engineers which have built Apple’s iCloud, Bank of America’s Greenfield Computing Cloud, VMware’s OneCloud Cloud Orchestration Services, Dell EMC & Virtustream Clouds, and at-scale cloud & microservices implementations in on-premises VMware, IBM RHOS, OpenStack, and all three public clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. Our teams have extensive experience building entire composite applications for supporting Healthcare and Life Sciences in secure compliant cloud & microservices deployments. 

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DevOps & SREOps

nSight Labs, has led DevOps and SREOps for a leading PharmX organization and the world’s largest healthcare organization, supporting the design, development, deployment, test, release, and continuous improvement for robotic automated Rx packaging and vision inspection in all 50 states and 4 US territories, and a clinical genomics program serving research end clients. We have extensive experience delivering scaled agile DevOps, SREOps, DevSecOps, and MLOps, delivering innovative software, data analytic, operational monitoring & analytics, and prescriptive operational solutions for a wide variety of Provider, PharmX, Biopharma, and Lab/Dx firms. 

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Problem Determination & Performance Engineering

Is your organization currently experiencing an application issue or performance problem? Are there multiple layers to your application and/or technology landscape?  Are the challenges hindering your current clients, and are they indicative of a problem that requires potential redesign for improvement and/or a complete transformation?   Our team has significant experience in assessing complex application and technology landscapes, reviewing their underlying system, application, database, and network performance in addition to code and architecture reviews to help identify root cause, perform problem determination, and recommend solutions to boost performance. 

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Data Engineering

nSight Labs offers extensive applied data engineering experience supporting Payor & Provider, Lab & Dx, Biopharma, CRO, and Health Technology firms in the following: 

  • IIoT & Health IoT Data Wrangling & Telemetry Analysis
  • RWD Harmonization for Evidence Generation
  • Optimized Clinical Trials Data Harmonization
  • Pre-Clinical & Clinical Multi-Omic Multimodal Data Aggregation
  • Discovery & Development data capture, wrangling, and harmonization
  • Sources: LIMS, ELN, LES, Soft/Hard Sensors, PLCs, IoT Edge GWs, EMR, PACS, RWD Data Brokers, Lab Instruments, e-MTFs, EDCs, ERPs, CRMs, Unstructured & Semi-Structured Files, Real-Time Streaming, TranSMART, i2b2, RedCAP, Medidata, OpenClinica, Veeva Vault, Literatures, databases & EDWs, and data lakes / lake houses.

Our Data Engineers have expertise in the following: 

  • Python, PySpark, Scala, C++, R, Golang
  • SQL, GSQL, GraphQL
  • Spark, Hadoop, Tez, Flink, Storm, Samza, Dask, Kafka, KsqlDB, SQLstream, Pulsar, MPI, AirFlow, KubeFlow, Nifi, StreamSets
  • Lambda & Kappa Architectures
  • SDTM & ADaM CDISC pk Preparation, PAT QbD IIOT PE & PD Telemetry, Raw HL7 & C-CDA & RWD data sets into OHDSI OMOP CDM, RxVx Discovery, Multi-Omics data preparation. 
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Database Engineering

nSight Labs has a dedicated database engineering Center of Excellence (CoE) which provides profound database expertise for the following database systems and technologies:

  • MS-SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, Teradata, SAP HANA, InterSystems IRIS
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, InfluxDB
  • KsqlDB, Hive2, Impala, Kudu, Druid, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Neo4j, TigerGraph 
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS Redshift, RDS, Data Lake Formation
  • Azure SQL, Synapse, Database for MySQL, Database for PostgreSQL, Cosmos, SQL IoT Edge
  • Google Big Query & Big Table

In addition to their proper system design, configurations, tunings, maintenance, and root cause analysis expertise. 


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Security and Compliance Services

nSight Labs’s cofounder began his career in information security 25 years ago, and has included security in the planning, design, to delivery, and continuity through supporting and maintaining technology landscapes. Today nSight Labs has grown establishing S&C Center of Excellence (CoE) bringing a range of perspectives, an integrated portfolio of solutions, and professionals who offer an experienced point-of-view on complex business challenges. Our Security & Compliance approach helps organizations evaluate their existing processes and procedures, while making recommendations that are right sized to fit the organization’s unique environment.  We understand how challenging security & compliance is in today’s hostile cyber atmosphere and ever changing and evolving regulatory environment, let us be your partner, to help you navigate and address these so that you may focus on your core objectives. 

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