FHIR Data Integration and Data Engineering Specialist

Come join our team to help drive data integration between our labs and our client’s care delivery organization. A Commercial Cloud (Azure)-based data platform will serve both the Care Delivery Organization (CDO)-level data warehouse / data mart needs as well as feed, transform, and store clinical and administrative data for the organization at a National Level. The integration and distribution of key clinical data through a single platform, with that platform providing high performance, hyper-scalability, elasticity, data lineage, data governance, and a highly secure commercial cloud presence will enable labor, infrastructure, and non-capital technology savings across all participating CDOs, as well as a single CDO providing care services nationally.

The IDEAL BACKGROUND: Healthcare data or data analytics background, especially Health Provider data (versus payer / claims data), including EHR data. Experience and deep background in various methods of ETL is required. Full-stack development would be a great addition, though data engineering pipeline development and FHIR (.NET, Azure FHIR, or HAPI / HAPI JPA Server) development or integration scripting is required. Having Healthcare Provider, EHR, clinical vocabulary knowledge, and FHIR / ETL and Data Integration specific knowledge will set you apart from other possible candidates.

FUNCTION DESCRIPTION: Functions may include database architecture, engineering, design, optimization, security, and administration; as well as data modeling, big data development, Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) development, storage engineering, data warehousing, data provisioning and other similar roles. Responsibilities may include Platform-as-a-Service and Cloud solution with a focus on data stores and associated eco systems. Duties may include management of design services, providing sizing and configuration assistance, ensuring strict data quality, and performing needs assessments.

Analyzes current business practices, processes and procedures as well as identifying future business opportunities for leveraging data storage and retrieval system capabilities. Manages relationships with software and hardware vendors to understand the potential architectural impact of different vendor strategies and data acquisition. May design schemas, write SQL or other data markup scripting and helps to support development of Analytics and Applications that build on top of data. Selects, develops and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operations.

CORE TASKS: Maintain, improve, clean, and manipulate data in the business operational and analytics databases Design and deploy data platforms across multiple domains ensuring operability Transform data for meaningful analyses Improve data efficiency, reliability and quality Create data enrichment Build high performance Ensure data integrity Create and manage data stores at scale Ensure data governance – security, quality, access and compliance

Required Skills:

✓ HL7 FHIR ( Azure FHIR, Java HAPI or .NET FHIR development)

✓ HIT Experience with healthcare providers

✓ Experience with clinical vocabularies, ontologies, mapping, transforming, and calculating longitudinal industry domain variables

✓ Kafka Streaming

✓ Snowflake or Cloudera Data Platform, Databricks, or MS-Azure HDInsight)

✓ Streaming Data Analytics (Kafka Streams, Spark Streaming, Spark Structured Streaming or Flink) and/or Pub/Sub for Change Data Capture using Debezium, Attuinity, or other CDC solutions which leverage and integrate with Pub/Sub.

✓ EDI, ETL, and ETL offload development

✓ Data warehousing & Data mart development

✓ Tableau or similar visualization, BI reporting

✓ Java or .NET Core/Framework

✓ Python or Scala

Nice to have:

✓ Full-stack Development Experience

✓ 10+ years of Healthcare Provider or Health Technology / Serving Providers

✓ R, SAS, Python, PySpark, Java, Scala, .NET Core / Framework (polyglot dev skills of 4 or more of these)

✓ Extensive Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Experience: working with EHR data, claims data, RedCAP eCRF data, CQL data, SDTM/CDISC data, and ontologies for these. Knowledge and analytics on FHIR r3/r4 model and OHDSI OMOP CDM model.

Interested?  Please apply, sending cover letters and resumes to careers@nsightlabs.com.

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